Many Congratulations in order!

The lab has had a fantastically successful season of attaining research grants and news about exciting future endeavors!

Jimena was one of only 27 recipients of the Rosemary Grant Award from the SSE, a prestigious award for first and second year PhD students. Jimena was also recently honored with the Graduate Student Own It! Award from University of Wyoming, honoring her commitment to service in the graduate student community at UW and her outstanding scientific achievements. Nice job, Jimena!

Jessica received highly competitive research grants from the Society for Freshwater Science and the University of Wyoming Biodiversity Institute to support her PhD work on the genomics of Lake Tanganyikan Lates fishes. She also received a UW Center for Global Studies grant to support her research travel to Africa this summer. Jessica’s research also had early generous support from Wyoming INBRE, which allowed her to generate exciting preliminary data that she’ll begin to analyze as soon as she gets back from Africa this summer. In addition to juggling the logistics of her new PhD project and writing grants to fund it, Jessi also published her masters thesis work on population genetics of Minnesota wolves in Conservation Genetics this spring. Excellent work, Jessi!

Brittany is going to keep herself busy this summer with two research projects on different continents! Brittany received a UW Center for Global Studies grant to support her travel to Lake Tanganyika this summer, where she will finally get to see the fish behind the genes she has been working on in the lab for two years! After that she’ll head up to Cody, WY, to work on cutthroat and rainbow trout spawning in the North Fork Shoshone River with the support of a L. Floyd Clarke Fellowship for work in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, in addition to support from the Vern Bressler Fisheries Scholarship. She also continues to be supported by the wonderful Wyoming Research Scholars Program, part of the UW Science Initiative. Brittany is going to graduate from UW with an amazing diversity of hands-on scientific research experience under her belt thanks to the support of these programs!

Karly was accepted to UC Merced’s graduate program in Quantitative and Systems Biology, and will be heading there to start a PhD in the Fall. Excellent job, Karly, and we can’t wait to hear about your future research successes! We are so proud of the work you’ve done at UW.

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