Open graduate student positions

The Wagner Lab at the University of Wyoming is searching for multiple graduate students at the MS and PhD level

I am seeking students with fundamental interests in evolutionary biology who would like to work with genetic data to address questions of conservation relevance. All available projects focus on freshwater fishes, including fishes native to the western US, and African fishes. Projects will use genomic data to make inferences about population history, relatedness, and diversity to inform management decision-making and to better understand the relationship between global change and evolutionary response. Fieldwork is possible for all projects but is not required.  

Competitive applicants will have: 

1) Demonstrated interest in evolutionary biology

2) Enthusiasm for learning in bioinformatics and genomics

Prior experience with the analysis of genomic data would be beneficial, but is not required. 

To apply please email Katie Wagner ( with the subject line, “2023 graduate student search”. Please include a single PDF that includes a cover letter detailing your interests and your relevant background experience, a CV, names and contact information for three references, and a list of relevant coursework including GPA. Indicate whether your primary interest is in a MS or PhD level position. Students from historically underrepresented groups are particularly encouraged to apply. The Wagner Lab is committed to supporting diversity in science in all dimensions. Positions will remain open until filled, but priority consideration will be given to inquiries that arrive by February 1st. 

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