MSc student wanted for a new project on salmonid evolution in alpine lakes!

We are looking for a new master’s student to join the group and work collaboratively on a project focused on the ecological and evolutionary consequences of fish introduction in alpine lakes of the Wind River Range. The project is a collaboration with members of Amy Krist’s, Annika Walter’s, and Bryan Shuman’s labs. It is funded by University of Wyoming’s top-tier science initiative. Please spread the word!

MSc position – University of Wyoming – salmonid evolution in alpine lakes

An MSc position is available to work on a funded collaborative, interdisciplinary project examining fish evolutionary responses to introduction in alpine lakes of the Wind River Range, Wyoming. The position is jointly in the labs of Catherine Wagner and Amy Krist, with additional collaboration with Annika Walters and Bryan Shuman.

This MSc project is a component of a larger project examining ecological and evolutionary responses to fish introduction in alpine lakes of the Wind River Range, a stunning and little-studied mountain range in western Wyoming. The project is studying three key components of change associated with fish introduction into alpine lakes: 1) the response of contemporary zooplankton communities to fish; 2) lake ecosystem change associated with fish introduction through the study of lake sediment cores, and 3) fish evolution in response to their introduction into these lakes by humans ~50-100 years ago. The MSc project advertised here will focus on this third component, and will involve collection an analysis of fish and zooplankton communities, measurement and analysis of fish phenotypes, and genetic work. The MSc student will work integratively with other MSc students focused on analysis of zooplankton communities and analysis of ecosystem change in sediment cores.

Candidates should have a strong background and interest in ecology and evolution, and motivation for highly collaborative team-based fieldwork in the high alpine for several weeks each summer. Previous experience working with fish would be useful but is not required. Study sites are difficult to access and require extended backcountry travel; field teams make use of stock animals during extended trips to carry supplies and samples. The starting date for this position is summer 2019 with the goal of obtaining samples during this field season prior to starting as an MSc student in fall semester 2019.

Please send a letter of interest, CV, and contact information for three references to Dr. Catherine Wagner. Position will remain open until filled, but applicants are encouraged to submit applications by April 5, 2019.

Island lake, an alpine lake in the Wind River Range, Wyoming

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