Hawaii AGA meeting

Katie was an invited speaker at the annual President’s Symposium of the American Genetic Association, this year located in Waimea, Hawaii. Many thanks to Rosie Gillespie for organizing a wonderful meeting on the Origins of Adaptive Radiation! It was wonderful to discuss adaptive radiation with so many of the luminaries from this field, and a particular highlight to spend several days learning about Hawaii’s adaptive radiations from the people who know most about them in the world. Thank you, Rosie and the AGA!

One highlight of field time in Hawaii was going out at night to look for spiders and crickets. We not only saw several species of Tetragnatha and the ever-enjoyable happy-face spiders, but also the newly described stick spiders which were the focus of this piece in The Atlantic by Ed Yong earlier this year (which Katie happens to be quoted in!).

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